As Cargill, our 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity Program, which we carry out with the aim of increasing the well-being and yield of farmers in our country, has been awarded in the United States.

In the Mercury Excellence Awards, which has been established to develop the art and science of communication in the international arena since 1987 and is known as the Oscar of communication, 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity received the "Bronze Mercury" award.


In the 'Mercury Excellence Awards', the world's only independent award organization in which more than 60 countries participated and where successful advertising, PR, public relations, and corporate communication projects compete fiercely, 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity Program was awarded the bronze award in the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Practices' category. Since only the bronze award was given in this category this year, 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity was the only program to receive an award.

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